What is Digital Humanism ?

We have control over digital technologies, not the other way around !

Man is not a machine

"Digital Humanism asks us to overcome the mechanistic paradigm, according to which man is nothing but than a sophisticated machine. Neither humans or nature in fact should be thought of as machine, e.g. acting according solely to deterministic principles."


For a more human and just future

"Digital humanism aims at relieving society from unnecessary calculations in order to give humans the possibility to concentrate on what is really important in life and contribute to make our world more just and more human."

Man is responsible

"Digital Humanism believes in human responsability. This responsaility does not disappear simple because communication and interaction are made possible through digital tools. Machines and not persons and can this not be bearers of responsabilty".

Julian Nida-Rümelin

(Nida-Rümelin/Weidenfeld. Digitaler Humanismus. Piper Verlag 2019)

English (UK)