Research Cooperation

bidt Glossar der digitale Transformation

What is nudging? How has machine learning developed historically? Where is augmented reality used? What issues are being researched in the field of e-learning and what are the difficulties with open data?

The bidt Glossar provides basic information on selected central terms of the digital transformation.


The research project "KI and Ethik" develops a course with accompanying exercises ("flipped classroom", interactive learning content via moodle), application and competence oriented, including didactic concept in cooperation with the Parmenides Foundation, Kiron and the Philosophy Department of the LMU Munich.

Deutscher Ethikrat - Working Group "Man-Machines"

 In October 2020, the President of the German Bundestag asked the German Ethics Council to develop a multidisciplinary statement on the ethical issues of the relationship between humans and machines to embed this political and social discourse more fundamentally. Fields of application include medicine, communication, education and democracy.

BBAW Working group

The interdisciplinary working group addresses the question of ethical-legal responsibility through machine learning and artificial intelligence in the digital age.


Strengthen democracy

Online formats, in contrast to oral (hearings) or written (submissions) exchange, offer comprehensive opportunities for participation and the aggregation of personal opinions, whether they are empirical (information about the nature of the affectedness) or normative (consultation in the narrower sense: what should be done from the citizens' point of view). Digital tools make it possible to evaluate these comments, even in the case of intensive participation from the citizenry, to systematize the empirical findings and to aggregate the normative comments.

Artificial intelligence and its integration into the world of human meaning and experience

How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) relate to the world of human experience and understanding? AI is typically conceived as something that „perceives“ and „understands“ by itself, or autonomously simulates such capabilities. The project explores a novel approach to AI by investigating how AI meaningfully integrates into the world of human experience and understanding. 

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